The President and the Representatives

The President and the Representatives

Community PRO Women makes life brighter and inspires! Here the most daring ideas are supported, scaled up and successfully implemented together with like-minded people.

Olga Grebenyuk
The first regional representative of PRO Women in Astrakhan, project curator, event organizer, founder of the beauty studio "GO"

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Natalia Savinova

It is easier and more pleasant to realize oneself in society and reveal one's potential with the support of like-minded people. In the PRO Women community, every woman will receive help and support on the way to her goals. There is a leader in each of us!
Credentials up 23.08.2023
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Julia Nikulina

Community is the social capital that every inhabitant of our planet needs so much. Trust your heart, serve for the benefit of yourself and the women around you
Credentials up 22.12.2023
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Natalya Muzharovskaya

Soft leadership is what resonates with me and what so many women lack!
Credentials up 02.03.2024
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Anastasia Prus

Every woman has the right to live a vibrant, joyful and abundant life.
Credentials up 06.04.2024
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Regional Representative — ace of PRO Women in your city / region. This role, interesting and important, will open up many opportunities for you: the development of leadership and communication skills, strengthening the personal brand and business reputation in the business environment, a new environment that will support the implementation any of your ideas and projects, a powerful exchange of experience with like-minded people from all over the world! The tasks of the Regional the representative includes supporting the work of the leaders of the PRO Women community, strengthening the atmosphere of trust and cooperation in the community of their city / region, organization of open meetings and regional events.

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Criteria for candidates:
  • Community experience from 6 months
  • Your group is registered on the platform.
  • There are already at least 3 groups of PRO Women in your city
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