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Mentoring program for PRO Women participants

Every member and leader of the PRO Women community has the opportunity to find a mentor or become a mentor! Our mentoring program is a simple and convenient tool to solve a problem, achieve a goal, or share your experience!
Participation is free.
Growth points for the mentee
  • Take the real experience and knowledge of practitioners
  • Develop your projects and business, grow personally!
  • Get support — an incredible resource!
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Opportunities for a mentor
  • Share your experience and influence women's self-perception
  • Develop your skills, learn by doing
  • Get a fresh perspective on your own business. Participate in new projects-light up the stars!
Become a mentor

How the program works?

Leave an inquiry and request to the mentor
You are the mentee. Take action!
Choose one or more mentors, formulate your request and submit it in the application form.
Request Processing
You are a mentor. Influence!
Carefully consider the request and make a decision about working with mentee.
A mentor pair has formed!
Make an appointment for the first meeting and go to the win-win goals!
Say thank you to each other
At the end of each meeting, the mentor and mentee can leave feedback in their personal account.
Format and frequency of meetings
  • Recommended frequency of meetings: at least once a month.
  • The meeting's duration: 1-2 hours.
  • The format of the meetings whenever it is convenient.
Offline (Personal)
by phone

Training manual for Women

What your meeting plan might look like
Set-up meeting
  • Introduction.
  • A discussion of the key agreements: format, frequency, duration, and schedule of meetings.
  • Discussion of mutual expectations.
  • Definition of the main goals and objectives of the development of the mentee.
Regular working meetings
  • Discussion of progress in achieving the set goals and objectives. Analysis of the work done.
  • Analysis "What prevents us from achieving our goals?»
  • Analysis of situations that cause difficulties for mentee.
Set-up meeting
  • Discussion of the results of the joint work of the mentor and the mentee.
  • Tracking the professional and personal development of mentee
  • Feedback on the results of the program.
The distribution of responsibilities in tandem
Selects a mentee that you are willing to work with. Participates in the program voluntarily
Formulates a request to the mentor. Shows initiative at the first contact.
Provides mentoring based on your own experience and knowledge
Take responsibility for its projects and results independently
Assists the mentee in identifying problems, setting goals and finding solutions. Conducts analysis of cases from the practice of mentee and his own
Actively asks questions, analyzes cases from own and the mentor's practice. Records the arrangements for each meeting
Shares own experience, including the "stories of mistakes made»
Trusts the mentor's experience. Does not shift the responsibility for decision-making to the mentor
Gives "homework" if necessary. No pressure, no imposition of a point of view
Performs "homework", prepares for each meeting
Gives constructive feedback on the professional, personal skills of the mentee
Evaluates your progress, proactively requests feedback from the mentor and openly accepts it
Principles of the PRO Women Mentoring Program
mentor and mentee define specific goals that they will work together to achieve;
the participants are sincerely interested in achieving the goals and devote time to preparing and holding meetings, as well as to implementing mutual agreements;
Respect and openness
Participants show respect for each other's experience and point of view; gratefully accept feedback and open up to new experiences;
Privacy Policy
the communication between the mentor and the mentee is based on mutual trust, everything that happens during the meetings remains between them and is not passed on to third parties;
Good will
mentor and mentee participate in the program on a voluntary basis and can complete the joint work at any time.

Three lines of the program:

For Regional Representatives PRO Women
For leaders and ambassadors
For PRO Women participants
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Feedback from participants

Для меня консультация с Ольгой была, как первая ступенька к тому, чтобы полюбить цифры! И Ольга очень мягко показывает, что цифры, как и систематизации(дисциплины) не нужно бояться, а наоборот, к этому можно отнестись с лёгкостью, творчески!
Ольга профессионал своего дела и шаг за шагом, показала, на какие главные вопросы для себя нужно ответить для старта моего бизнеса. Как пошагово идти к цели без выгорания.
Благодаря Ольге я проанализировала свои ресурсы для открытия своего центра, и чувствую опору внутри.
О работе с Садыч Ольга
Людмила, я благодарю вас за высокопрофессиональную и грамотную консультацию по управлению ассортиментом в розничном магазине одежды. Спасибо! Вы объясняете все сложные понятия на простом доступном языке . У меня сформировалось видение того, что я делаю не так, и как надо делать правильно. Разложив все по пунктам, буду идти к поставленной цели! У меня все получится с вашей помощью.
О работе с Рубайло  Людмила Александровна
Благодарю Галину за очень глубокую проработку травмирующей ситуации из моего детства. Ни с одним психологом я это не обсуждала и не заходила так далеко. Это был новый, очень трансформирующий для меня опыт. С Галиной было не страшно, легко и безопасно. Чувствовалось, что для нее очень важен результат. Было важно, чтоб я ушла домой с решенной проблемой. Мне очень откликнулась такая забота о моем состоянии! Благодарю за продуктивную сессию и желаю дальнейших успехов!
О работе с Галина Галина

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